Advantages of the Wiseman Engine

The Wiseman engine can significantly improve (in some cases more than 100%) the power output, using the same amount of fuel, over conventional piston engines as a result of the following four major improvements:

Advantage #1
The first advantage over a conventional crankshaft engine is that the Wiseman Engine's internal mechanism results in a connecting rod that operates in a purely linear motion, on both the piston end and the crankshaft end of the rod. This results in the elimination of the wrist pin and bearing, thus reducing the weight of the piston, and allows the piston to be very thin.

The first production model is expected to have the rod and piston formed as a single piece. This advantage allows the piston to operate without piston skirts, because there is no side load on the piston. The connecting rod never pushes sideways on the cylinder. Management conservatively estimates this allows an engine to be built that can have an unlimited stroke length. The only limiting factor would be the ultimate piston speed.

This advantage results in an engine with low speed and high torque plus the additional savings of power loss by eliminating the need for multiple geared transmissions.


Advantage #2
The second advantage over a conventional internal combustion engine is that the WISEMAN ENGINE'S internal mechanism converts the pressure exerted on top of the piston by the exploding fuel air mixture into 16% more torque at the output shaft during the entire 180° power stroke.
(see graphs #1 and #2)


Advantage #3
The third advantage is closely related to the second advantage. The WISEMAN ENGINE'S internal mechanism starts to multiply the torque to the output shaft much earlier in the power stroke than the conventional crank engine.

In a standard crank engine, the maximum torque is applied to the crankshaft at approximately 47° after top dead center, but the maximum pressure on top of the piston occurs at approximately 12° after top dead center on the power stroke (4 cycle). The WISEMAN ENGINE applies approximately twice the torque to the output shaft (at 12° after top dead center on the power stroke) versus a conventional crank engine.


Advantage #4
A four cycle (gasoline or diesel) engine moves the piston approximately 60% of the stroke in the first 90° of crankshaft rotation of the 180° power stroke. The WISEMAN ENGINE only moves the piston 50% of the stroke in the first 90° of the power stroke. This 10% difference in displacement in the first 90° has an enormous effect on performance; The WISEMAN ENGINE allows the exploding fuel/air mixture to expend it's energy on the top of the piston for a longer time per degree of power stroke rotation. Since the WISEMAN ENGINE does not have to stop the piston during 40% of the stroke in the second half of the bottom 90° of the power stroke, and the rod is not forced out of column, the exhaust valve can remain closed longer, resulting in an effective longer power stroke. (see graph #3)


Other Points
A longer stroke allows for the use of slower burning fuels, such as: soybean oil, gasification
(coal, chicken manure, wood chips), methane, and tire reclamation.

The engine appears to have a very favorable power to weight ratio, and it shows a high degree of potential for use with exotic materials, such as ceramics. Elimination of side forces of the piston against the cylinder wall allows the use of a ceramic block and piston. Ceramics makes it possible to burn various fuels at high temperatures, which increases efficiency and eliminates exhaust pollution.

Pistons can be placed at both ends of the connecting rod

Pistons can be placed in V’s with perfect balance


The Wiseman engine can be used for general purpose engines, generators, autos, trucks, boats, ships, two cycle, four cycle, diesel, small, medium & large engines

With its favorable power to weight ratio (management expects power to weight ratio of 1HP to 1lb.), the WISEMAN ENGINE will require less fuel for the level of operations than is currently being delivered by conventional engines. Management of Wiseman believes other significant advantages will be realized as continued testing and computer modeling occurs. While more research and development must be performed to apply its unique advantages to specific uses, it is clear that The WISEMAN ENGINE is a major breakthrough in engine technology.